Trausnitz and Tanzmühle

Trausnitz and Tanzmühle 1200 630 LST - Lloyd Systemtechnik GmbH

Modernization of excitation system

After modernization of the pumped storage plant Reisach 1-3, company LST was contracted by ENGIE Deutschland GmbH
After the modernization of Reisach 1-3 pumped storage power plant, LST has now been awarded by ENGIE Deutschland GmbH, to replace the existing Thyripart excitation systems at Trausnitz and Tanzmühle power plant. Both power plants belong also to the Pfreimd power plant group. There are two generators installed with 1650 kVA and 550 kVA at the Trausnitz power plant, as well as one machine with 3000 kVA at the Tanzmühle power plant.