Shell Godorf

Shell Godorf

Modernization of 4 steam turbine generators in the field of excitation system and generator protection.

Cruise Liner

Cruise Liner

Modernization on 2 cruise ships (6 x excitation systems IREG per ship) in the USA.

Muellverbrennung Oberhausen

Waste incineration plant Oberhausen

Delivery, installation and commissioning of an excitation system for a 55MVA steam turbine generator.

Nordzucker Clauen

Sugar factory Clauen

Supply of 2 excitation and protection systems for steam turbine generators.

Papierfabrik Varel

Paper factory Varel

Supply of 3 excitation systems IREG for the supply of steam turbine generators.

PDO Verdichter Oman

PDO Oman

Delivery of 10 motor control cabinets for 10MW synchronous motors including excitation- and protection system.

Südzucker Rain am Lech

Sugar factory Rain am Lech

Supply, installation and commissioning of 3 static compound excitation systems for the supply of BBC steam turbine generators.

Gasturbinenkraftwerk Oman

Gas turbines power plant Oman

Supply of 2 excitation- and protection systems for Alstom gas turbine generators.

Wasserkraftwerk Meitingen

BEW Hydro power plant Meitingen

Modernization of 3 excitation systems at hydro power plant generators 5MVA.

Wasserkraftwerk Schwerte

Hydro power plant Schwerte

Delivery of 2 static compound excitation systems.

Laufwasserkraftwerk Kaufering

UNIPER hydro power plants located at the river Lech

Modernization of 21 excitation systems on different generators at the river Lech.

Place: Kaufering, Merching, Prem, Prittriching, Scheuring, Schwabstadtl, Unterbergen.

RWE Wasserkraftwerk Baldeney

RWE hydro power plant Baldeney

Modernization of the excitation system for 2 hydropower generators.